Vista Service Pack compatibility (error 0x80070002)

updated 03.28.2008
It came to my attention that some of you expected to install Service Pack on the lite Vista, without some components.
Unfortunatelly that is not possible, nor it was ever expected to be because Service Pack is meant to update the whole installation, if it detects that something is missing it aborts.

So the only way to use vLite on SP1 is to use it on the preintegrated version, meaning you can configure the Vista DVD or ISO which already has SP1 in it.
If you can not get Microsoft preintegrated you can try making your own by following this capture guide or try the vLite Slipstream.

If you have not removed any components and used vLite only for configuration or integration then go to regedit and delete this registry key to be able to see Service Pack on the Windows Update:


For the other potential issues unrelated to vLite you can check this KB article.

Hotfixes will work fine even if all is removed, and the best thing is Windows Update will not list the hotfixes for the removed components.